6 Jan 2013

Dehraadun Diary - Movie Review

Release Date : 4 January, 2013
Starring : Adhyayan Suman, Ragini Nandwani, Rati Agnihotri
Director : Milind Ukey
Genre : Thriller
Duration : 1 hr, 50 min
IMDB Rating : Not Provided

A love story of rich, poor and manipulative social system.

The movie is based on honour killing, a politically connected college girl falls in love with the son of a retired IAS officer. Her family disapproves of this relationship and murders her boyfriend.

Daughter of Thakurs Preeti, (Ragini Nandwani), is in love with Anshul Sharma (Rohit Bakshi). Vishesh, hot-headed brother of Preeti, is outraged when he sees the two at the wedding. Anshul is brutally murdered by her brother. Anshul's brother is ready to fight for the justice for over 8 long years and puts is future at stake. Throughout the case hearing, witness turn hostile, some disappers and then re-appear just like ghosts.

The movie exposes the large scale corruption in our country.

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1. Dehraadun Diary - Ripul Sharma
2. Rubaru - Jafery Iqbal
3. Nishan - Kavita Saith
4. O Piya - Javed Ali

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