7 Nov 2012

It's Rocking : Dard-E-Disco - Movie Review

It's Rocking : Dard-E-Disco - Bollywood Movie
It's Rocking - Dard-E-Disco
Release Date : 9 November, 2012
Starring : Bappi Lahiri, Akshay Kapoor, Rituparna Sengupta, Sneha Ullal
Director : Ashok Tyagi
Genre : Musical, Comedy
Duration : 2 hrs, 30 min
IMDB Rating : Not Provided

Two brothers dream to open their own night club 'Dard-e-Disco', their idol being Bappi Lahiri. Villain enters to kidnap their idol and they try to save him with the help of their lady love.
Bappi Lahiri makes a debut as an actor in the movie.  
The movie revolves around two brothers, Rocky (Akshay Kapoor) and Rambo (Aryeman Ramsay), with no real goal in life (similar to makers of the movie). Both are under the fallacy that they are very attractive men. Their father, for obvious reasons is worried about his sons and their mother, as usual always pampers them. The brothers try to enter discotheque of King's Disco (Bappi Lahiri), but are turned down by the bodyguards. But, then Bappi's car smashes into their van, because of which they get to enter the discotheque. 
And now comes the villain part, played by Shakti Kapoor, who wants to sell drugs in Bappi Da's discotheque. However, Bappi is strictly against any kind of drugs and does not allow to do so. So he plans to kidnap DK (Disco King).

Writing the story of this movie was one of the most boring task. Don't expect much from the movie as there is nothing good to offer in it.

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