30 Nov 2012

Jeet Lengey Jahaan - Movie Review

Jeet Lengey Jahaan - Bollywood Movie
Jeet Lengey Jahaan
Release Date : 30 November, 2012
Starring : Goldy Sumal, Paras Singh Minhas, Neelambari Perumal, Ajay Shukla, Sharhaan Singh, Poonam Mathur, Gautham Kurup
Director : Lalit Bisht
Genre : Drama, Social
IMDB Rating : Not Provided

Three youngsters are unhappy with their career and life but then decide to choose an alternative career instead of going into depression. 
The movie is the story of three friends, Ajay, Jhappi and Nidaan, all unhappy with their lives. Ajay's mother wants him to join politics so he leaves his job and comes to India from Australia. He meets his friend there, Jhappi Singh, sub-inspector in Delhi Police. 

Both of them decide to go to hill station where they meet Nidaan, their third friend, who wanted to become a spiritual guru. He loves a foreigner, Gloria. Nidaan too, along with Ajay and Jhappi is not happy with his career.

They decide to challenge the judiciary and the corrupt system. The movie shows whether they will succeed or not. 

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