19 Oct 2012

Aiyyaa - Movie Review

Aiyyaa - Bollywood Movie
Release Date : 12 October, 2012
Starring : Rani Mukerjee, Amey Wagh, Prithviraj Sukumarana
Director : Sachin Kundalkar
Genre : Comedy
Duration : 2 hrs, 20 min
IMDB Rating : 5.7/10

The movie is about a girl falling in love with an Art student for his odour. While, on the other hand the hero is negligent of her presence.

The lead roles in the movie are played by Rani Mukherjee and Malayalam actor Prithviraj. This is his debut Bollywood movie. Rani marks her comeback, after a short break with this movie.

The story is about a middle class Marathi girl, Meenakshi, working as librarian in Art college. She lives her life of dreams, where she is dancing and enacting her favourite actresses. Her unusual family has a mother, who is marriage obsessed, father is a cigarette addict and grandmother with gold teeth and her wheelchair. No, that's not all, Meenakshi's colleague in her college is fan of Lady Gaga and wears wretched clothes and does weird activities.
The movie is about love at the first snuff (yeah, smell). Meenakshi is looking for real love, while her parents are looking for a suitable match. Although, instead of love, in her out of the ordinary fantasies, she starts desiring for body odor of a brilliant art student, Surya, who is a Tamilian guy in her college. She starts learning Tamil for him and stalks him every now and then. While the hero barely recognizes her presence.
Meanwhile, her parents have found the 'perfect guy', Madhav, for her. The entire movie then revolves around Madhav running after Meenakshi and Meenakshi after Surya.

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