20 Oct 2012

In The Name Of Tai - Movie Review

In The Name Of Tai - Bollywood Movie
In The Name Of Tai
Release Date : 12 October, 2012                    
Starring : Nishigandha Wad, Asrani
Director : Ujjwal V. Thengdi 
Genre : Drama
Duration : 2 hr, 23 min
IMDB Rating : Not provided

The true story of the movie is based on an educated woman of a village who fights for the rights of villagers.

It is a women oriented film, featuring Nishigandha Wad, a well known Marathi actress as lead role.
Movie is inspired by a true story of well educated village woman who is a lawyer and shows her struggling phase. Locals respectfully call her Tai. She becomes the savior of the villagers who fights for the acres of land owned by village community from the clump of powerful builders and of course, covetous politicians. 
In her battle, she gets guidance from her NRI friend Sanjeev and Mahesh, who secretly admires her. In her battle for common cause, she faces problems in her personal life as well which were sexual as well as psychological.
Sandhya's Character in the movie is inspired by a social activist, Navleen Kumar, who worked for the adivasis of Maharashtra Thane district. She was brutally murdered in 2002. 

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