24 Oct 2012

Cigarette Ki Tarah - Movie Review

Cigarette Ki Tarah - Bollywood Movie
Cigarette Ki Tarah
Release Date : 19 October, 2012                    
Starring : Sudesh Berry, Yuvika Chaudhry and Prashant Narayanan
Director : Harjeet Virk 
Genre : Romance, Thriller
Duration : 1 hr, 47 min
IMDB Rating : Not Provided

The movie is about a guy falling in love blindly with a girl which lands him into various trouble situations.
The movie is a romantic thriller, filled with various twists and turns. Although, the casting of the movie is not so popular.
Various scenes in the movie will keep you curious as to what might happen next.
The story might sound the usual love story, where a guy blindly falls in love with a beautiful girl and gets into trouble. But the different part lies in the kind of trouble he falls into.
The story is about handsome and young guy, Nikhil Dabur who lands from Kanpur to Goa, where his childhood friend Kanishka has found a new job for him.
He meets mysterious Jessica with whom he shares a love-hate relationship. 

Things get worse for Nikhil when his boss is murdered and he is held responsible. The movie follows as he proves himself innocent and finding the real killer.

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