21 Oct 2012

Makkhi - Movie Review

Release Date : 12 October, 2012                    
Starring : Sudeep, Samantha and Nani
Director : S S Rajamouli
Genre : Animation, Comedy, Drama
Duration : 2hr, 10 min
IMDB Rating : 8.2 (for the original movie)

The hero falls in love with the heroin and villain enters, who kills the hero. Hero reborns as Makkhi (yeah..housefly) and takes revenge.
The movie is dubbed in Hindi, was originally made in Telugu (Eega).
Story is based on the revenge of Jani, who is in love with Bindu, a social activist. Jani has been following her for two years. His love is so blind that that he takes her constant rejections as bright sign of love. Before the love story reaches any point, the villain Sandeep enters. He too tries to impress Bindu, with no success. When Sandeep realizes that she also has a special place for Jani in her heart, Sandeep kills Jani ruthlessly. 
The movie does not end here, Jani, miraculously is reborn as a housefly (funny..eh?), to take revenge. One can see innovation and great research done, in the way he flutters his wings and communicates with his legs. And yeah, our hero succeeds in this mission by saving Bindu and killing Sundeep and sacrificing himself for his love.

The story is no different from any other Southern flick.

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