20 Oct 2012

Login - Movie Review

Release Date : 12 October, 2012               
Starring : Radhika Roy, Akkash Basnet, Rashmi Gautam
Director : Sanjeev Reddy
Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller 
Duration : 1 hr, 45 min 
IMDB Rating : Not provided

The movie shows how the internet world is responsible for changing the lives of people.
The movie caption is "connected online but disconnected in life" and is pretty much evident in this Bollywood flick. It does not show how badly the internet has affected our lives but its about how using it carelessly has an impact on our lives. 
Based on the life of three people Jai, Vandana and Debu, the movie intends to show how internet and social networking sites influence the life of an individual. Jai, who is single and never been kissed is looking for a girlfriend through online dating sites. He even finds a girl online but after her true identity is revealed, he is disheartened. Vandana is a housewife who is bored of her life and thus spends free time on social networking sites by chatting. She suspects that her husband is having an affair with his colleague.

While Debu who is in a huge credit card debt, makes money on internet through hacking and other fraud activities. 
It is a reality check specially for the youth and shows how the virtual world is responsible for getting away from our true selves.

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