19 Oct 2012

Ata Pata Lapata - Movie Review

Ata Pata Lapata
Release Date : 2 November, 2012
Starring : Dara Singh, Asrani, Rajpal Yadav, Ashutosh Rana, Vijay Raaz
Director : Rajpal Yadav
Genre : Musical, Comedy
Duration : 2 hrs
IMDB Rating : Not provided

The sarcastic nature of the movie shows the selfish attitude of the society among Indians.

Ata Pata Lapata movie was scheduled to release on September 7 2012, but for some unknown reasons it was released on November 2.
The movie is an exciting musical parody which is sarcastic in nature. It is a directorial debut of Rajpal Yadav. The cast of this Bollywood movie includes Ashutosh Rana, Asrani, Vijay Raaz and Dara Singh. Rajpal too is a part of the film. 

It intends to expose the bitter truth of the selfish attitude of the influential people of the society in India and shows the loopholes in various systems of life. It also exposes the lazy attitude prevalent in bureaucratic systems and governance, creating various problems for common man. The music of the movie was released by superstar Amitabh Bachchan and said that he was fortunate to work with Rajpal. The movie brings you the unspoken truth along with the entertainment.
Rajpal Yadav says that he has associated his personal experience in the bollywood movie and wants people to enjoy.

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