23 Oct 2012

Janleva 555 - Movie Review

Janleva 555 - Bollywood Movie
Janleva 555
Release Date : 19 October, 2012                    
Starring : Kalpana Pandit, Anant Nag, Akash Hora
Director : Sandeep Malani
Genre : Musical, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Duration : 1hr, 40 min
IMDB Rating : Not Provided

The movie intends to spread awareness about snake bite hazards.
India is a country with the highest number of deaths due to snake bites. Sandeep Malani intended to spread awareness about the issue, but with no success.
Neelam (Kalpana Pandit), along with her boyfriend (Abrar Zahoor) and other friends, decides to make a documentary film on the issue in a village, specially known for its snake population.
Suddenly, amid of unnecessary singing and dancing (15 songs, really!), Neelam recalls that she was a snake about 555 years ago, named Rajini in her previous births. She died after she was forcefully separated from her lover and is now reborn to seek revenge. It leads to a mind blowing complex.
Romantic musical mystery thriller, it is a mix of genres, making viewers (if any are there!) confused.
There are meaningless songs after every second minute, with no relation to the story, makes it difficult to tolerate the movie. You can see Kalpana Pandit, in every scene as if the movie is only made to showcase her looks. The story is just outdated and dragged unnecessarily.
Overall, the movie is indeed Janleva and highly avoidable.

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